10 Steps to Finding the Right Retirement Home

So, it’s time to begin looking for a retirement home for yourself or a family member, but where do you start?

There are many details to consider and emotions to wade through when making this decision. To help get you going on this challenging and sometimes uncertain journey, here is a ten-step checklist you can refer to along the way.

1.) Assess your current living arrangements.

What is lacking? Do you feel safe? How is your support network? How is your health? Do you live alone? Is housework and grocery shopping becoming too much?

2.) Think about your needs versus your desires.

What kind of lifestyle are you looking for? Do you wish to be more involved in a community? Do you still need all the furniture and stuff that you own?

3.) Determine what type of senior housing would be most appropriate.

Are you still independent or do you require occasional assistance? For a quick summary of the different types of housing, refer to our previous blog entry.

4.) Clarify your financial resources.

What is available to you and what you can afford? Hiring a financial planner can be a great help in this area.

5.) Start looking!

Once you’ve determined your needs, resources and the options available, you can narrow down your search. Use the internet, senior’s magazines, and talk to others. Start gathering a list of potential places. If you would like to find out more about Baptist Housing’s communities, click here.

6.) Ask questions.

The only senseless question is the one that doesn’t get asked! Don’t be afraid to call around. In fact, if you are reading this right now and have a burning question about Senior’s living communities, give us call! We’re here to help.

7.) Visit your top choices.

Every community has a unique personality, and in order to find the right fit you need to get to know them. When you go on tours, allow yourself enough time to experience the place. Stay for lunch; talk to the Residents; maybe try signing up for an activity. This will be a great help in making your decision.

8.) Consult family members or friends who you trust.

Who knows you best? Bring them along with you on your visits; it’s helpful to get second opinions. Be willing to listen to their concerns and suggestions, especially if the concerns relate to your health and safety.

9.) Prepare yourself for downsizing.

One of the biggest barriers people face when moving to a senior’s living community is deciding what to keep and what to let go of. Downsizing takes time, energy and courage! If you don’t have family or friends close by to help you, consider hiring a moving consultant.

10.) Lastly, don’t wait too long to make a decision.

Give yourself time to reflect on your options. But don’t wait until you no longer have options. Moving to a retirement home offers great benefits for your health and well-being.

Every new chapter of life has its ups and downs. But, consider this search for retirement housing as a new adventure. By simply following some of the steps above, you will be well on the way to making the right decision for you and your loved ones. So, take a deep breath and get started!