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Active Living

We believe true wellness means care for the whole person, and our desire is to see every one of our Residents attain a sense of personal wellness through active living.

Our commitment to holistic health is motivated by the P.I.E.C.E.S. framework, where health is understood to encompass not just Physical, but also Intellectual, Emotional, Capability, Environmental and Social aspects of well-being.

"Resident-directed" and "person-centred" are two other key terms which inspire our commitment to holistic health. We prefer as many choices to be made by each Resident as possible. Our recreation programs also include recognition of the cultures of the Residents we serve, for example, Chinese New Year celebrations, German Social Clubs and special monthly meals that recognize foods from a particular culture. Recognition of the unique cultures of our Residents is paramount to our guiding principle of person-centred care. 

At Baptist Housing, "active living" is not just about showing up for organized activities, but also about being part of a vibrant community. Our Team Members strive to take every occasion to promote good health through conversations, promoting aesthetic beauty, friendship, and engagement. Various activities are also organized by dedicated Team Members at each of our residences, and calendars of weekly activities are available on each individual residence page.