Welcome Home, Al

Today on the blog, we bring you a story from our COO and Executive VP Operations, Marc Kinna.

Pumpkins: They Do Your Body Good

Jessica Mackie, R.D. at Sun Pointe Village, one of Baptist Housing's communities of care in Kelowna, shares her passion for pumpkins!

Dependence is Beautiful

Of course Mom wants to grow old within her own home. Dad wouldn’t be able to give away his stuff; it’s better if he stays in the house we had growing up. Mom and Dad can manage their things by themselves. These are common assumptions about aging parents.

Animals and Wellness

What do animals have to do with wellness?

Well actually, quite a bit!

Journey to Empathy

Seniors are people with a wealth of experience, knowledge and thoughts. And yet, because of the rampant ageism and impatience in our society, people rarely treat seniors as human beings. We often assume that they are senile, and revert to treating them as children, failing to appreciate that they are adults with feelings and memories. Practicing empathy is a way to combat this problem.

Is Independent Living Right for Me?

For anyone, the idea of moving into housing called “Independent Living” may seem unnecessary. Why choose an independent living community when you already living on your own? The truth is that “independent living” actually creates greater opportunities for extended independence, a quality of life that is valuable to everyone, and particularly seniors.

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