5 Fantastic [and Free!] Apps for Older Adults

It is not surprising that tablets, including the iPad, have found traction with older adults. Their lightweight design and user-friendliness are especially attractive to those who see the benefits of this technology, are keen to learn, and are eager to keep up with the advances of today’s younger generation.

If your aging loved ones do happen to have a tablet, we’ve put together a small list of free apps which are useful for keeping in touch, accessing news and other resources, and keeping the brain sharp!

Get to Know Us - Sharon, Activity Manager

We are excited to introduce a "Get to Know Us" series on the Baptist Housing blog, where you can meet the Residents, Team Members, Partners and Volunteers who truly make our organization the wonderful place it is to be, to work, and to partner with, in service to seniors in BC.

Kicking off our series is Activity Manager, Sharon Ginter. We invite you to get to know her by way of the following questions.

How long have you worked at Baptist Housing and in what roles?

Tips for a Good Visit

Are you unsure about what to say or do when you visit an aging loved one?

Many people shorten their visits to assisted living residences, residential care homes and other places because they fear awkward moments. However, we want you to know that you shouldn’t fear!

5 Foolproof Gifts for [Grand]Mother's Day

On Mother’s Day we think immediately of… our mothers! But have you considered how you’re going to show your grandmother you love her this year? Your grandmother was there through it all too – the diapers, the meal-making, the endless piles of laundry. Don’t let this [Grand]Mother’s Day surprise you! Get ready with a special gift to share your appreciation and care.

Here are 5 ideas for celebrating Mother's Day with your loved ones in 2015:

Artist in Bloom No. 4

“They’re like my children…”

Wilda Wolf is telling me about her paintings. I’ve arrived at her suite in Shannon Oaks Vancouver and she has used her couch, armchairs and coffee table to humbly curate an entire gallery of art to show me. Nearly all of the paintings depict serene landscapes and as I gaze at her weathered hands, I realize that they represent an incredible amount of skill. Breathtaking outdoor views in watercolour and acrylic are interspersed with detailed sketchbook drawings.

Using Emotional Intelligence to Declutter

The prospect of moving into smaller spaces is often daunting simply because of an excess of stuff collected over many years.

Artists in Bloom No. 3

“I don’t like tulips. You know? Because, I see them like plastic. They are too shiny.”

I am meeting with a man named Sylvester at Grandview Towers, one of our seniors rental housing buildings  in Vancouver. Sylvester is the next to be featured on the Baptist Housing blog's “Artists in Bloom” series, with his desire to go beyond “nice,” decorative art, in the manner of tulips, to true expression.

Perennial Downsizing

Living clutter-free can be a perennial battle. Every spring, it seems that you can get rid of a few more things that have somehow accumulated over the past year. Here are some tips for maintaining a simple lifestyle over the course of the year.

1. Think of things in terms of “clutter value.”

Honour Your Loved Ones on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is considered a day for lovers to express and celebrate their love. But have you also considered it an opportunity to express how much you care for your elderly loved ones?

Here are a few ideas for making your loved one feel special on Valentine’s Day.

7 Unique Ways to Ring in the New Year

One of the most common practices for New Year's is making New Year's resolutions. But what you may not know is that New Year's is celebrated in many other unique ways all over the globe! Check out some of these interesting traditions, and maybe be inspired to ask others you know, especially your parents or other relatives, how they grew up ringing in the New Year.

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