Community Living at Its Finest

Today's retirement residences offer much more than a home.

Retirement living is subject to all sorts of stereotypes and myths. Today's retirement communities, however, are nothing like the staid, sterile environments of the past. With people living longer than ever, progressive communities that offer everything from fitness classes to stimulating excursions are helping residents age well, and live longer.

Silver Screen Conversations: Age of Champions

This week's Silver Screen Conversation film is Age of Champions (2011).




A group of senior athletes prepare for the 2009 National Senior Games.

Best Watched With...

A big bowl of popcorn - this is a feel-good movie!

Moving Your Aging Parents: What You Need to Know

You may know that your parents are candidates for a retirement community of some kind – whether that’s a place to rent in a senior living community, or some kind of assisted living. However, broaching the topic can be awkward and new to say the least: talking with your aging parents about how to handle their next stage of life is a prime example of role reversal!

Here are some possible scenarios which you should be on the lookout for as you help your aging parent navigate a move.

Resident of the Year Nominee

Olive Fera, a long-time Resident of Shannon Oaks – Vancouver was nominated for Resident of the Year to the BC Seniors Living Association (BCSLA). Although she did not win, BCSLA did up a plaque that Shannon Oaks was able to present to Olive.

Here is an excerpt from her nomination:

Silver Screen Conversations: Alive Inside

This week's Silver Screen Conversation film is Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory (2014).



Simple Balance Exercises for Seniors and You

Ordinarily, we take balance for granted in our lives.

The consequences of loosing our footing on the stairs or stepping onto a slippery surface can be avoided because of limber bodies or quick reactions.

However, as our bodies get older, falls become less easy to avoid and less funny (though if you want a laugh, you may want to check out these great falls here).

Here are some simple balance exercises to practice to learn and maintain as a young person and also as an older adult.

Caring for Seniors and the Power of Vulnerability

Is your version of the ideal caregiver thick-skinned, poised, and efficient?

Often, it is suggested that those in caregiving roles, especially those who are caring for seniors, practice self-care, prioritize boundary setting, and appoint time to relax in order to practice caregiving well.

5 Fantastic [and Free!] Apps for Older Adults

It is not surprising that tablets, including the iPad, have found traction with older adults. Their lightweight design and user-friendliness are especially attractive to those who see the benefits of this technology, are keen to learn, and are eager to keep up with the advances of today’s younger generation.

If your aging loved ones do happen to have a tablet, we’ve put together a small list of free apps which are useful for keeping in touch, accessing news and other resources, and keeping the brain sharp!

Get to Know Us: Sharon, Activity Manager

We are excited to introduce a "Get to Know Us" series on the Baptist Housing blog.

Through this series, you can meet the Residents, Team Members, Partners and Volunteers who truly make our organization the wonderful place it is to be, to work, and to partner with, in service to seniors in BC.

Kicking off our series is Activity Manager, Sharon Ginter. We invite you to get to know her by way of the following questions.

Tips for a Good Visit with Seniors

Are you unsure about what to say or do when you visit an aging loved one?

Many people shorten their visits to assisted living residences, residential care homes and other places because they fear awkward moments. However, we want you to know that you shouldn’t fear!