Art Talk | Darlaine | Baptist Housing

Art Talk | Darlaine

Our Featured Artist is Darlaine.

Who do you enjoy sharing or making art with?

I have enjoyed playing piano in Baptist Housing Communities since the 1980s but I play for anyone.

Why do you like being an artist?

Singing or playing the piano is giving, it's an opportunity to enjoy a moment with others. Music is creating and I never play the same composition in the same way twice.

Who first inspired or taught you this craft?

I started being a musician when I was 5 years old in order to keep myself busy. I learned to sing, play the piano and the organ at an early age. 

I am particularly inspired by lyrics, I enjoy expressing words through musical notes. Some of my favourite pieces include Because He Lives, How Great Thou Art, Hawaiian Wedding Song and Let Me Call You Sweetheart.

Any advice for future artists?

Just be yourself and enjoy it.