Art Talk | Eileen | Baptist Housing

Art Talk | Eileen

Our Featured Artist is Eileen.

How long have you been involved with this art process at Baptist Housing?

I moved to Marrion Village in November of 2016 and continue to do make Plastic Canvas not just as a hobby but as therapy or lifeline since the passing of my husband. 

Who do you enjoy sharing or making art with?

Crafts have been given as gifts to my family members and friends for year. I enjoy making crafts in my suite as well as being part of a craft group. 

Why do you like being an artist?

I enjoy being creative and find crafts to be a challenging past-time and lots of fun! I generally find crafts I like and then figure out how to make them through pattern books and other resources.

Who first inspired or taught you this craft?

My first recollection of time spent doing crafts was when I was a young girl; a jewelry making course using shells called Shellcraft. I continued with crafts as part of Brownies, Girl Guides and during Sunday School. Later I tried a hat making course, I also learned to make cards using 3D patterns. I also made animals and flowers with chenille bumps. Next was plastic canvas crafts along with scrapbooking, which became a hobby, even before it was considered a craft. Before leaving Ottawa, I took a class in Art Journaling (which is a creative way of keeping a diary). Art journaling is something I do for myself to express my innermost thoughts.

Any advice for future artists?

My advice to other artists - pick something you enjoy doing and allow yourself to follow your creative thoughts.