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Art Talk | Kathleen

Our Featured Artist is Eileen.

Who do you enjoy sharing or making art with?

I was born in 1912 and I still sing to anyone who will listen. I was a performer, I would sing at weddings, concerts and for my parish. I also liked to sing in choirs, duets as well as solos. I never really felt nervous about performing. I still sing in my suite or when I don't think anyone can hear me.

Why do you like being an artist?

It feels good, I enjoy it. I love all types of music.

Who first inspired or taught you this craft?

My aunty encouraged me when I was younger, she would play the piano while I sang. Everyone in my family sang, particularly the men. I took a few singing lessons but I was self-taught for the most part.

Any advice for future artists?

Sing for your enjoyment.