Art Talk | Louise | Baptist Housing

Art Talk | Louise

Our Featured Artist is Louise.

How long have you been involved with this art process at Baptist Housing?

This is my first time doing watercolour painting but I have been involved with various types of art for most of my adult life. I have done a bit of Acrylic painting, stained glass, some commissions in stained glass, knitting and crochet, Bunka (needle work with silk), making beaded jewelry and I also played the accordion at a very young age. 

Who do you enjoy sharing or making art with?

I enjoy sharing my art with anyone who is interested. I love talking about art, especially the stained glass when I was still doing it. I received one hour of instruction on stained glass and picked it up very quickly. I have taught my grandsons' and have sold some pieces at the Moss Street market.

Why do you like being an artist?

 I enjoy doing the watercolour painting in my apartment and during the Friday class here at Marrion Village. I also get together with a friend and we paint at the kitchen table. I like being an artist because of the creativity and the solitude and peace it brings to my life. I enjoy finding colours and painting is a form of meditation for me. 

Who first inspired or taught you this craft?

I was born into a creative family and one of my 3 sisters has recently started oil painting and is doing really well at it. My whole family, including my father, aunts and uncles were all creative people. My grandfather and father were oil painters and my father was a musician along with many of my aunts and uncles. 

Any advice for future artists?

My advice to future artists "When it becomes difficult, don't give up! We are all artists and it just takes practice".