Art Talk | Mieke | Baptist Housing

Art Talk | Mieke

Our Featured Artist is Mieke.

How long have you been involved with this art process at Baptist Housing?

Moved to Shannon Oaks- Oak Bay a few years ago but I have worked with crafts and painting since a I was a young lady.

Who do you enjoy sharing or making art with?

Art was something in me. I was married with 4 children and yet my husband always encouraged  and supported me. He would even cook so I could have time to pursue art.

Why do you like being an artist?

Art has a story for every season. For example when my father passed away I painted a passion flower and comforted me during that time. Or a landscape with trees in a distance could express a season of loneliness. There is always a story to go with the art piece.

Who first inspired or taught you this craft?

I studied portraiture at Goward House School. I was often inspired when I spent 8 years living in Nigeria and taught art to children.

Any advice for future artists?

Get a husband that encourages you and make art with children!