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Baptist Housing Joins the Butterfly Effect

Hundreds of Monarch butterflies were released on Sunday July 17, 2016 in Kelowna to honour lost loved ones. This was the Fourth Butterfly Effect event held by the Central Okanagan Hospice Foundation and hosted by the Vibrant Vine Vineyard.

Families in Kelowna purchased a monarch butterfly in the name of a cherished relative and gathered to release 500 monarch butterflies at 11.30 am on Sunday morning. Darlene and Joe were among the participants; they had both lost their spouses and attended the event on behalf of Baptist Housing.

This was Baptist Housing's first year to be a sponsor of the Butterfly Effect and our Team was impressed by the community turn-out and the gorgeous setting. All funds collected support Central Okanagan Hospice Foundation. The Foudation provides care for those who are terminally ill, along with their families, through counselling and other resources.

The Butterfly Effect will be back next year. Baptist Housing Team Members, Residents and family are welcome to honour a loved one or simply support a meaningful community tradition that imparts healing and hope.

"Butterflies released from each envelope emerged and some would stay resting on the heads and hearts of people before fluttering away, almost to show that although our loved ones have physically left, they are always with us." *Alex Soloducha| Kelowna Now