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Betty's Gluten Free Cookie Recipe

I saw a great photo of Resident Betty about to lick the spoon from the cookie dough. Betty is Celiac, along with another Resident at the Heights at Mt. View, and so Marianne from Activities decided to make Gluten free chocolate, peanut butter, oatmeal cookies. Who wouldn't want to lick the spoon!

They took some of the cookies down to the kitchen, and Ray, who happens to also be gluten free, loved the cookies so much he asked for the recipe so he could start making them for our Residents with special diets. How tasty is that?!?

Our value of compassion speaks of meeting the unique needs of people. Thanks Betty, Marianne, and Ray for creating such a lasting impact with your cookies. I am inspired!

Marc Kinna | COO

PS. Click here to download the recipe!