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Medical Assistance In Dying

On April 14, 2016, Bill C-14 was introduced in Parliament to amend the Criminal Code of Canada to provide for medical assistance in dying in Canada. We recognize and respect that opinion and convictions on these matters are diverse in our nation, within our Team, and among our Residents and their families.

Our palliative care services are designed to provide dignity, comfort, and peace in the final days of life, and our Team partners with physicians, family, and loved ones to provide an environment for our Residents to pass in their own homes wherever possible. We believe that a better focus of discussion and investment in Canada should be in excellence in palliative care.

Anticipating the potential of this proposed legislation being enacted into law, and in accordance with our convictions, Baptist Housing will seek protection of conscience to not provide medical assistance in dying within our residences. Out of respect for the conscience and rights of our Residents, we will provide information and transition support for any Resident who desires medical assistance in dying according to the final legislation.

Our position on the sanctity of life with regard to these matters is available here. Baptist Housing has sent a letter to our federal and provincial government stating our position. If you would like to send a personalized letter to your Member of Parliament (MP) and Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) please feel free to download a sample letter as a guide.