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NEWSLETTER: Winter 2016

Many of the highlights in this newsletter are about community. We share examples of how Baptist Housing is involved in our community. From donated items to events, the past few months have had countless examples where the actions of our Team and Residents have blessed those in our greater community.

But perhaps the greatest examples of community occur when there are no cakes to cut or pictures to take. These are the moments when our Residents come together in community to support and care for one another. A Resident spends a little bit longer lingering over lunch to listening to her tablemate share special memories. A neighbour prepares a meal for a friend suffering from health challenges. A game of pool brings men together for an evening of laughter. The ping pong ball flies through the air as  group of Residents embrace a new found sport. A welcome hug is offered to a great grandchild coming for a special visit to grandma's house.

These moments are special. They are as unique as the people who so willingly share themselves with others. We often say that a Baptist Housing residence is different. When you walk through the door of one of our communities you can feel it.  It isn't our decor, what we serve for lunch or what the afternoon activity offers. Its our people. Our Residents

So to our our Residents thank you. For sharing yourselves with each other and making your community that you live in so truly remarkable. Not one of the stories shared in this newsletter would be possible without you.

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