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Once upon a time at The Heights

In June 2017 the Times Colonist showcased a unique phenomenon in Sidney, BC. A baby hawk was adopted by a mother eagle and raised alongside the eaglets. Our Blanshard Writers Guild, located at the Heights at Mt. View, followed the story and used it as a platform to write a children's storybook titled The Unusual Case of Sasha Hawk.

Our wonderful recreation aide Margaret Clinchy and our Residents have finished the book and now Baptist Housing Communities can share this interactive story at family celebrations and during the holidays. Click here to print!

A big thank you to Marg and to our fabulous writers whose teamwork made this story possible: Al, Anne, Bill, Carole, Constance, Dora Jack, Judy, Marion, Mary C., Mary J. Maureen, Merle, Ottmar, Pat, Rose & Rosemary. Our front cover was illustrated by Jack Plummer.

This book is based on a true story.