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Partnering for Healthy Neighbourhoods

On May 16, 2014, CEO Howard Johnson was pleased to make an exciting announcement.

Baptist Housing, through our Grandview Towers campus in East Vancouver, is excited to partner with Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House. The Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House is a non-profit which partners with local community organizations to create mutually beneficial events and share resources, and participates in many community-based initiatives that address larger community issues.

Their new initiative, called "Cities for Seniors: Building An Age-Friendly Mount Pleasant," aims to foster healthy community, focusing on the alleviation of the isolation experienced by seniors with Mild Cognitive Impairment through the involvement of intergenerational volunteers, and Baptist Housing is delighted to provide its support. Over 270 seniors have made their home in the area through Baptist Housing's Grandview Towers campus, and these Residents desire meaningful engagement in their community. The Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House expresses that healthy neighbourhoods and healthy communities are important, and we at Baptist Housing agree.

We at Baptist Housing look forward to this partnership and the mutual benefits our Residents and the Mount Pleasant Community will receive.

Photo credit - Michael Labre