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Remember me | Alzheimer's Day

On Alzheimer's day we recognize an opportunity to treasure loved ones in the face of challenging circumstances. Nearly 10 million new cases of dementia are documented yearly and many agencies worldwide are intent on making dementia a public health priority.

The Global Action Plan on the Public Health Response to Dementia of 2017-2025 has been described as a new era for people with dementia and it includes risk reduction; promoting awareness; providing support and quality care for caregivers and individuals affected by dementia.

According to World Health Organization nearly 47 million people worldwide are currently affected by dementia. Symptoms include difficulty with everyday tasks; confusion in familiar environments; difficulty with words and numbers; memory loss or changes of mood and behaviour. Caregivers also experience physical, emotional and financial stress.

There are many tools available to support families as they learn to navigate these challenges. As a starting point we recommend A Roadmap for Families shared by Interior Health of BC. For further information and support please visit Alzheimer Society of Canada and