Sanctity of Life | Baptist Housing

Sanctity of Life

Baptist Housing, as a Christian provider of care and services for seniors, is committed to the sanctity of life, which we express in providing exceptional holistic care to over 2100 seniors each day across our province.

Our palliative care services are designed to provide dignity, comfort, and peace in the final days of life, and our Team partners with physicians, family, and loved ones to provide an environment for our Residents to pass in their own homes wherever possible.

At Baptist Housing We Believe:

  1. The Bible to be the complete Word of God and the final authority in all matters of faith and practice; and
  2. Biblical revelation clearly and consistently affirms that human life is formed by God in His image and is therefore worthy of honor and dignity; and
  3. God alone is the Author of life and He alone numbers our days, from the moment of conception until natural death; and
  4. The Bible commands us to honor our parents and the aged.

Therefore, we affirm the dignity and sanctity of human life at all stages of development, from conception to natural death and will continue to care for the elderly among us, to show them honor and dignity and provide them with end-of-life care until their natural death.

Respect for Resident Personhood

In accordance with Baptist Housing's philosophy of wellness, we will demonstrate respect for Resident personhood and rights by providing ongoing excellence in care regardless of Resident personal choice, excellence in palliative care services, access to information regarding all options available under current laws relating to medical assistance in dying, and transitional support to pursue Resident wishes through alternate providers as Baptist Housing exercises its conscience to not provide such services.

Respect for Team Member Conscience

Recognizing that our Team Members have diverse opinions regarding the ethics and morality of medical assistance in dying, we will respect the right of our Team Members to their opinions and will support our Team to exercise their consciences in a manner which does not impede Resident personhood and choice and which does not impede the organization's expression of its conscience regarding the sanctity of life.

Download Baptist Housing's Sanctity of Life here.