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Before She's Gone | Silver Screen Conversations

This week's Silver Screen Conversation film is Before She's Gone.




A film where past, present and future steadily disintegrate and, yet, a most profound love endures. Using 8mm footage from 1955 to GoPro video from 2015, Before She's Gone ... is a love story for the ages. Stan and Shirley have been married for 67 years, but in 2001 Shirley was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Stan devoted the next 15 years taking care of his beloved wife, extending her life far beyond hope.

Best Watched With...

Hot chocolate & marshmallows!

Watch full movie for free at this link:

Silver Screen Questions for Discussion

  • What was the most inspiring aspect of the documentary for you?
  • Was there anything that warmed your heart or concerned you?
  • If a friend was to experience Alzheimer how would you want to support them?

Take Action

Baptist Housing is a proud supporter of Walk for Alzheimer. This event is Canada's biggest fundraiser for Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.Monies raised support programs and services in your community that improve the quality of life for people living with dementia and their families, and support other activities like education and public awareness.Walks take place every year in 150 communities across Canada. In 2014, 24,000 walkers participated, raising $4.5 million.

Village at Smith Creek participated in a brand new "Alzheimer Walk - in a box" program. Our Residents enjoyed delightful garden walks, homemade goodies and raised funds for the Alzheimer Society of B.C..Thank you to everyone who supported the walk including our Residents and Team Members. If you missed it... you are still in time to join us in Kelowna on May 12 or May 19! Click here to join our events.

Silver Screen Conversations is an initiative which presents you with movies to watch to spark conversations about aging. Learn how Hollywood is talking about aging and develop ways to weigh in on the conversation yourself.