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Silver Screen Conversations: Cyber Seniors

This week's Silver Screen Conversation film is Cyber Seniors (2014)




The Cyber-Seniors documentary is not only a labor of love - but an inspiring example of the wonderful things that can happen when generation gaps are bridged, and new ways of connecting are explored.Two sisters witnessed firsthand how learning to use the Internet had transformed their grandparents' lives. They developed a training manual and recruited their friends to visit a local retirement home twice a week to teach interested seniors how to use the Internet. The seniors all had different interests but were soon connected by a friendly Youtube Video Competition....

Best Watched With...

Friends and Family - this is a fun movie!

Silver Screen Questions for Discussion

  • Who was the most interesting character?
  • If you were a Cyber Senior what kind of Youtube Video would you want to create?
  • Could a Cyber Senior group be successful in your Community?

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Silver Screen Conversations is an initiative which presents you with movies to watch to spark conversations about aging. Learn how Hollywood is talking about aging and develop ways to weigh in on the conversation yourself.