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Silver Screen Conversations: Young@Heart

This week's Silver Screen Conversation film is Young@Heart (2007)




Choir Director Bob Cilman, through his non-profit organization Young at Heart Chorus, promotes positive aging through rock concert performances. The film chronicles the lives of New England Senior Citizens as they prepare for a one-night-only rock concert; what emerges is a delightful and moving story of friendship and creative inspiration. The Clash and Jimi Hendrix will never sound the same!

Best Watched With...

Lot's of popcorn and invite friends - this is a feel good movie!

Silver Screen Questions for Discussion

  • Who was the most moving singer for you?
  • If you were a Young@Heart member what would be your ideal solo?
  • Could a choir like this be successful in your city?

More Movies

  • Stages - this documentary records older Puerto Rican women and inner-city youth coming together to create an original play 
  • The Lady in Number 6 - a moving documentary of how piano music saved Alice's life
  • Quartet - this lighthearted movie portrays professional musicians living in a retirement community

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