Rose, an activities Team Member at Village at Smith Creek found out Lena, one of our Residents, had never been camping.  Rose decided to bring camping to Lena.  Rose went all out!  She set up tents with luggage, sleeping bags, tarps and even brought in a propane fire pit.  The campers roasted wieners and marshmallows and everyone had a ball, especially Lena as she enjoyed her toasted marshmallow. Rose exemplifies all of Baptist Housing's values.  I am proud to work alongside her!

Team Member

Thank you for a fantastic dinner - it was truly amazing! The whole stay was super and the entertainment out of this world. Great anniversary! Thank you to a bunch of neat people.


It was the time of day when most Residents were resting and the afternoon activities have not yet begun. While I was reviewing a chart, I overheard an impromptu song led by one of our newly hired Team Members.  The Team Member was singing a very old song with a Resident, allowing the Resident to fill in the missing words and verses.  It is wonderful to watch Team Members step out of their daily routine to enjoy a moment with a Resident.

Team Member

From my meeting this morning I could see him standing under the cherry blossoms, waiting for his wife to take a picture.  It's that time of year, isn't it?  On the nice days, Residents are starting to enjoy our gardens and the blossoming and sprouting signs of spring. 
This reminds me of my recent visit to Marrion Village when I walked in on their annual Spring Pancake Breakfast.  My lucky day, in more ways than one.  I had a fabulous breakfast, cooked and served by our Team Members, and I could see the signs of spring around us.  A hummingbird hovered in the courtyard, as if it couldn't figure out which flower to drink from.  And all the baskets, freshly planted, were lined up on the wall to take in the sunshine.  Our Residents were all abuzz inside, enjoying each other's company over their breakfasts.
There is an optimism and excitement, perhaps a spirit of hope, in the air: a marker of spring and a reminder of the hope of the Easter weekend. 
We embody hope as we serve our Residents each day.  As they see us coming to serve them, we bring hope and assurance that as a result of our care, they will live well in supportive communities.  And what a blessing when we are privileged to see our Residents blossom.  Truly inspiring, isn't it?

Team Member

We had a Newcomers Tea today in our dining room. I asked everyone that attended if they would like to share something that they are thankful for. Phyllis began, saying that she was thankful for the Team Members. From there every person, said they were thankful for something Village at Smith Creek has to offer. Everyone was extremely thankful for the people that work here. They are also thankful for each other and the support they provide to each other. Friendships have blossomed here. This really is an awesome place to live and work. I am thankful for Village at Smith Creek!

Team Member

Thank you for providing such a caring home for our mother and for all the years that she lived there. And thank you for providing the peace of mind for us kids. You don't know how much it meant not to have to worry 24/7 as to how she was managing.

Family Member

Each day here brings new opportunities - a chance to enjoy more, learn more, do more!

Resident of Shannon Oaks