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Our Residents

Our Residents are at the centre of all we do.

When our founders recognized a responsibility to practice social concern, they drew much-needed attention to the neglect of the elderly. Today, we continue to be inspired by their action and decisions: we believe that our elderly deserve compassionate and holistic care which meets all of their needs in the best possible way. Over the years each Team Member and leader has learned that we are not only the "care-ers" but the "cared-for" as our Residents often surprise us with their own care and inspiring stories!

Meet some of the Residents we have had the pleasure of getting to know:


Joan moved to Canada from the Netherlands in 1958 with her two children, following her husband. Now, they have the joy of a wonderful family of 4 children, 11 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren. Joan loves caring for others and was a volunteer at different hospitals throughout the years. She claims, "A positive attitude and caring for others - that's what keeps you youthful!"


Al is a decorated veteran and when he appears wearing his medals, the "girls" swoon. Admired at Sun Pointe for his ongoing commitment to veterans, he cheerfully volunteers in many areas including the General Store, woodworking, and repairs. Al is always ready with a smile, a joke, and a "How are you doing?" and he always takes time to hear the answer.


Tess was born and raised in Northern Holland. In 1957, she moved to BC, where she began expressing her love of gardening. For the last three years, Tess has had a garden plot at the Saanich Community Garden. Because she lives at Carey Place, she can easily walk to the garden and continue growing wonderful fruits and vegetables all year round.