We have a vision for the future! We want to be recognized as a senior housing, retirement home and nursing home provider of choice in British Columbia. We’re proud of our Team Members and also want to be recognized as an employer of choice in our communities. And we’re looking forward to continued growth! In 2012 we reached our goal of providing valued and holistic living to 2,000 Residents .

To our vision, we are committed to:

  • Create a vibrant culture
  • Develop effective communication plans
  • Select, develop and nurture Team Members
  • Ensure results accountability
  • Implement quality assurance standards
  • Enhance resident wellness and measure satisfaction
  • Select and implement appropriate growth and financial strategies
  • Implement measurements for our Archway of Excellence stones

Baptist Housing's Archway of Excellence

Archway of Excellence

The Baptist Housing Archway of Excellence is a visual reminder of our priorities as an organization. Our mission underlies everything we do, strengthened by the supporting pillars of our vision and values. Together, these uphold our five areas of operation: finances, service, people, partners and property, with people being at the centre of all we do.