West Kelowna - Maintenance Lead

Job Title: Maintenance Lead (Maintenance Worker V)

Residence: Village at Smith Creek, West Kelowna

Department: Maintenance

Reports to: Regional Maintenance Manager

Bargaining Unit: HEU Job Code: 10226 (HEU)

Classification: Pay Grid 23 (Benchmark 13107, 19001)

Date: Developed October 4, 2019

Job Summary:

Baptist Housing is looking for a Maintenance Lead to support the Village at Smith Creek in West Kelowna. The Maintenance Lead is accountable for all aspects of the maintenance of the buildings and systems at Village at Smith Creek. Duties include planning and managing all maintenance projects, performing and delegating maintenance tasks ensuring timely service, managing a preventative maintenance program on all systems and equipment, overseeing procurement and delivery of contracted maintenance services, and managing the performance of maintenance Team Members.

As an ambassador of Baptist Housing, you have exceptional interpersonal skills, the ability to foster and maintain relationships, and model our values in all interactions. The Maintenance Lead enjoys working with others and is highly service oriented. You are able to work independently and as a collaborative Team Member. You have highly developed mechanical skills with proven ability to maintain and repair a wide range of appliances, equipment and systems. You are a critical thinker and problem solver, detailed and organized, and able to manage your time, workload and conflicting priorities effectively and efficiently.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  • Models the organizational values
  • Demonstrates a consistent example of Servant Leadership by serving the needs of others
  • Fosters and maintains positive, collaborative relationships with Residents, Team Members, Families and Partners
  • Provides project management leadership for any large site projects, including seeking quotes, coordinating contractors, ensuring WorkSafe BC compliance, coordinating materials and supplies, and maintaining scope and budget
  • Plans and maintains a preventative maintenance schedule for building systems and equipment and ensures timely service delivery
  • Manages a maintenance request process and ensures all Team Members are trained to use it effectively
  • Performs or delegates all routine building and equipment maintenance and repairs, including painting, plumbing, electrical, irrigation and building fabric (walls, floors, ceilings, doors and roof), low voltage systems, entry systems and HVAC
  • Ensures all maintenance concerns are addressed in a timely manner
  • Ensures repair parts, tools and supplies required are on site by conducting ongoing inventory audits
  • Travels to purchase and pick up replacement supplies as needed
  • Ensures maintenance work and storage areas are clean and organized
  • Develops daily, periodic and annual schedules of building inspections to identify health, safety and maintenance concerns; assigns inspections to maintenance Team Members, and monitors timely delivery and effective documentation
  • Continually looks for innovative ways to improve service while maintaining high standards
  • Maintains current knowledge of applicable codes and regulations
  • Provides 24 hour maintenance support and attends to any building emergencies after business hours
  • Provides daily direction to the maintenance team
  • Selects, screens, hires and oversees the work of contracted maintenance workers (such as flooring, countertops, draperies, grounds work, elevators), ensuring appropriate WorkSafe and Criminal Record Check clearances are in place
  • Provides leadership, mentoring and support to assigned Team Members to achieve personal and organizational goals which advance the vision of Baptist Housing
  • Ensures department coverage and program delivery through effective Team Member scheduling and workload distribution
  • Plans, facilitates and documents all site safety and fire drills on a monthly basis and provides safety orientation for new Team Members
  • Participates in leadership and team meetings
  • Maintains records of all preventative maintenance
  • Maintains records of all repairs and on demand maintenance
  • Maintains required documentation for expenses and submits monthly for reimbursement
  • Provides reports of maintenance activities and expenses as required to the Regional Maintenance Manager
  • Assists the Regional Maintenance Manager in the review of budgets and planning related to maintenance needs and use of replacement reserve and capital budgets.
  • Responsible for maintenance of the monthly budget for the maintenance department
  • Consults and collaborates with the Administrator and Regional Maintenance Manager regarding non-routine maintenance and projects
  • Attends work-related conferences and seminars to promote and maintain professional development
  • Establishes, influences and supports a culture of health and safety
  • Demonstrates safe working practice and encourages Team Members to work safely
  • Takes initiative and makes suggestions for health and safety improvements in the workplace
  • Ensures discussions regarding safety topics are a regular part of team meetings
  • Ensures Team Members are adequately trained regarding hazards in the workplace and safe work procedures
  • Monitors Team Members and Contractors and enforces compliance with WorkSafe BC regulations, safety policies and safe work procedures
  • Participates in investigations of Team Member injuries and workplace inspections
  • Participates as an Employer member of the Joint Occupational Safety and Health Committee (JOSH)
  • Eliminates identified workplace hazards where possible or implements controls


  • Post-secondary education in building and systems maintenance
  • Certification or Rad Seal in a building trade preferred
  • Knowledge of computer systems and fundamental understanding of computer controlled systems
  • Knowledge of HVAC environmental systems


  • Knowledgeable in maintenance best practices
  • Skilled in using the tools and performing the tasks required for building and systems maintenance
  • Familiar with construction techniques, mechanical services, modernization and retrofit projects, service maintenance contracts, and appliance repair
  • Demonstrated ability in project management
  • Has excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to establish and maintain professional relationships with Team Members, Residents, and external parties
  • Able to work effectively, both independently with a high level of autonomy and in collaboration with a team
  • Is motivated to achieve goals and provide superior service
  • Able to effectively lead, coach and mentor Team Members
  • Has demonstrated ability to supervise and manage Team Member performance
  • Able to resolve conflict and preserve relationships in alignment with our values
  • Is a critical thinker with good problem solving ability
  • Has well developed organization skills
  • Manages time, workload and conflicting priorities effectively and efficiently
  • Is flexible and able to adapt to changing priorities
  • Has a working knowledge of computers and software for email communication, internet use, word processing, and use of specialized software
  • Ability to vary hours of work to carry out the duties of the job
  • Must be in good health, free from communicable diseases and physically and mentally able to perform the duties of the job in the working environment
  • A minimum of 5 years related experience in building and systems maintenance
  • Experience with building automation systems
  • Experience managing in a unionized environment
  • Previous experience in leadership, supervising teams, hiring and monitoring contractors and project management
  • Experienced driver with a minimum of a Class 5 license and clear driving record

Please forward your resume and cover letter to okhrteam@baptisthousing.org