Covid-19 Updates

We continue to do everything we can to protect our Residents and those we work with.

The following precautions remain in place as work together for the health and safety of everyone. Each day we review our current plans and make immediate changes that we feel are in the best interest of everyone and as directed by Ministry of Health.

  • Daily staff screening upon entry – with limited entrances to increase safety
  • Limited visitor access – scheduled and where required monitored 
  • Modified activities – focusing on social distancing
  • Community interactions – suspension of all community partnerships
  • Dining – reducing the number of Residents dining at a single time to increase social distance
  • Cleaning – frequent and increased cleaning of all surfaces following diligent infection control protocols

COVID-19 BC Seniors Resources

Visitor Access

    As you have likely heard recently from Dr. Bonnie Henry, seniors residences will be opening for visitors.
    As with all directives that come from the Ministry of Health, additional information and guidelines will come to us from the regional Health Authorities. We are now waiting for those directives. While we wait, we are working on our safety plans and staffing considerations in order to ensure the visits are done in a safe manner for our Residents, our Teams and for you.
    We ask for your patience during this waiting period and we will communicate with you about potential start up dates as soon as we are able. 

    Please contact your local Baptist Housing residence for the latest on visitations and restrictions.


    Resident Portal

    Baptist Housing is pleased to offer you a complimentary Resident Portal service to communicate with your loved ones

    Our Resident Portal is an Internet based secure solution that allows Residents to engage with friends and family using a computer, smart phone or tablet. The Portal offers many features including: games, news, virtual museum tours, online library and family messaging.

    Please note, all of our Residents will be informed of this resource in the coming weeks and our Team Members are more than happy to support them with their account setup. This is a complimentary opt-in service that includes user agreement found at this link.

    You can get started by visiting your loved ones location page and clicking on the Resident Portal Button!

    Find a location