Creating a Centre of Excellence for Seniors Wellness

The new Inglewood Care Centre is in early design development.

The design opportunities and requirements involved will be evaluated and layered into the project as the design process continues. The design will have a strong focus on the long-term operation and maintenance of the facility, as Baptist Housing will be operating the facilities for many years to come.

Further, COVID-19 has brought the entire issue of seniors care into provincial and national conversations. Baptist Housing’s response is a pledge to create a new Centre of Excellence for Senior Wellness. 

The pandemic has informed new ways to prevent the hardship of isolation and provide protection for vulnerable seniors during times of infectious disease outbreaks, including seasonal flus. As a result, design criteria include:

  • Affirming current infection control practices alongside new, innovative ideas.
  • Shared resident rooms are to be eliminated.
  • All residents will have their own private room including a three-piece washroom. Purpose built visiting rooms throughout with increased infection control measures that provide close proximity for visiting without risk to family, residents or team.
  • Create an integrated development, purpose built with COVID-19 and similar health concerns in mind.
  • The new building will exceed current BC licensing regulations for Long Term Care residences.
  • Controlled entrances for ongoing visitor and team screening.
  • Inglewood will exceed the minimum provisions required for accessible and adaptable units. The site will be designed to consider a range of abilities for visual, mobile, mental and aural.


Inglewood Preliminary Proposal