#Cheers to Volunteers


Dear Volunteers,

During this National Volunteer Appreciation week we open wide our arms and hearts to offer a huge thanks for sharing your time and talents with us. With your assistance we provided exceptional care to our Residents during this past year. We know you are not able to serve presently due to Covid-19, but we eagerly anticipate welcoming you back into our residences when the restrictions are lifted.

You continually inspire our Team and our Residents as we watch and experience your service in the provision of holistic care. We regularly hear stories from our volunteer coordinators: Anne, Brenda, Amber and Bridgitte, about how your volunteering makes a positive difference in the lives of our Residents. Whether you are helping with music, recreation activities, spiritual care or any other activity, we appreciate your gracious assistance. You are part of our Team and we are truly grateful to serve alongside you in our mission to help our Residents experience life well in supportive communities. A heartfelt thanks for making a difference by being one of our amazing volunteers!

We hope you stay safe and healthy during this time,

Howard Johnson, CEO  &  Ray Saucy, VP Spiritual Care