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Alzheimer Café

An Alzheimer Cafe is a type of post-diagnostic group intervention, held monthly, that provides education, information about dementing illnesses, as well as various types of support for people with dementia and their carers, and interested others. Alzheimer Cafes take the form of 'a social gathering' in a cafe-like setting where people meet easily. They help support people with dementia and their family or friend carers to stay connected. Alzheimer Cafes are organized and held by a steering committee who are knowledgeable about dementia, and organize the provision of the Alzheimer Cafe with local volunteers and caregiving professionals.

From April 3-17, 2018, CAREY welcomes Dr. Gemma Jones for a multi-day, multi-site, series of workshops, seminars, and information sessions, on Alzheimer's disease and dementia care, with the goal of establishing Alzheimer Cafes in Greater Vancouver and beyond.

For more information or to register, contact CAREY via email at or by phone at 604-225-5920.