There's no time like the present to have a good time. Perhaps your are looking for ideas on how to spend time with your grandchildren.

Maybe you are looking to refresh you dating life. Or you simply want to meet new people and thought this was a good place to start!

  • Attend local art museums or theatre productions.
  • Join a Book Club.
  • Volunteer at your local Arts Theatre.
  • Go to the movies with a friend.
  • Look at current entertainment reviews in your local paper or at your community centre.
  • Review local restaurants.
  • Subscribe online and watch a movie with your grandkids will love!

How to Subscribe Online

There are several companies that offer competitive pricing for watching entertainment online:

  • Look at channels online that offer free TV Show Episodes.
  • Buy or rent movies online from companies like ITunes.
  • Choose a monthly subscription like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. This means that you can watch an unlimited amount of movies for a set monthly fee.