This is your chance to unpack that dream that you stowed away years ago or take a current interest to the next level. Consider the amount of time and finances that you have available; as well as, what kind of space and supplies you will require for your interest. What are your goals? For instance if you want to refine your painting skills, you may need to sign up for classes. If you simply want to meet new people you may want to select an interest that involves teamwork or volunteering. Here are ten hobbies to inspire you:

  • Collect - whether it's antiques or Disney, put your knowledge and haggling skills to the test.
  • Create - arts workshops vary from: paint, dance, pottery, woodworking, knitting, quilting etc.
  • Fundraise - many seniors become advocates for important causes like cancer research, environmental protection and education.
  • Garden - join a community garden or grow vegetables in your backyard.
  • Genealogy - research your family tree and teach your grandchildren all about it.
  • Outdoors - spend time in the outdoors go birding, golf or fish and bring home some dinner.
  • Perform- Join a local community theatre, dance, sing or start playing in a band.
  • Teach - choose a mentorship program or teach english as a volunteer.
  • Work - take a part-time job that suits you, like house-sitting, usher at hockey games or theatres.
  • Write - Participate in writers festivals and finish that novel you dream't of writing.