Spiritual Care Series Resources


The Spiritual Care Series (SCS) includes eight two-hour sessions of training that are practical as well as highly relevant. In addition to online video content, the course includes a 200-page participant workbook,140-page facilitator manual and DVDs with all training videos. The course uses group discussions, practical exercises, individual activities and online assessments. The SCS is sector endorsed and suitable for a wide range of volunteers involved in Long-Term Care homes or any other seniors' housing, whether operated by the government, business or faith-based providers. The SCS by design is a flexible learning resource and suitable for large or small group facilitated settings.


Facilitator Resources

Once the SCS is purchased, facilitators will gain access to PowerPoint slides for each episode, sample Run Sheets, promotional materials, notes on how to facilitate good training sessions and other resources. 


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Episode Topics of the Spiritual Care Series

Episode 1: Understanding the Ageing Process

This session helps participants understand the different aspect of meaningful ageing.  Participants will explore how our society views aging, what influences our thoughts on aging, and examines what is happening in the mind, body and spirit as one ages. It will also explore the core role of one’s spirituality during the aging journey.

Episode 2: Spirituality in Ageing

This session explores the nature of and reasons for good spiritual care for those who are ageing. Participants will learn how to build a sense of belonging in others and how to support one's spirituality. This support brings meaning, purpose, hope and value to the ageing journey. Participants will understand the importance of coming alongside the elderly in ways that recognize and respect their spirituality so they can understand what life means to them.

Episode 3: Good Communication

This session focuses on effective communication and especially the role of active listening. It highlights the importance and value of listening to spiritual stories while seeking to understand the person's thoughts, ideas and feelings. By actively listening, the carer helps the older person gain an insight into their understanding of self. Good listening is a basic life skill and this episode is a highly appreciated session.

Episode 4: The Power of Story Telling

This session helps participants understand the power of storytelling in spiritual reminiscence and facilitates opportunities to practice skills so one can effectively share their stories. You will learn how to advocate for the elderly so others do not rewrite their story to be different from what actually transpired. Sometimes others will tell the elderly's stories contrarily to what really occur.

Episode 5: Dementia

This session helps participants understand dementia including causes, societal perceptions, and how it can be a meaningful human experience. Participants will understand the role of spirituality in caring for and being present with people who are experiencing dementia.

Episode 6: A New Home and a New Way of Life

This session helps participants understand the enormity of the change of moving and the importance of spirituality to help one through the process of transition and change. Moving is challenging because people leave so many memories and objects that connect them with their personal history. This session explores the changes one makes and how others can graciously assist the ageing person make the transition. 

Episode 7: Grief, Loss, Death and Dying

Participants will learn how to journey with someone through loss and grief. Part of living is coming to terms with the reality of loss. Spiritual carers will help people find peace in the particular losses that ageing brings. Loss of strength, mobility, hearing, vision, loss of friends and family, meaningful objects... and the list goes on. Participants will learn what is helpful when speaking about death and recognise the spiritual goals of death and dying. This session also explores the impact of different cultural traditions on how people grieve. 

Episode 8:  Roles, Boundaries and Self-care

This important session explores the idea of roles and boundaries that the carer needs to be aware of and recognises the potential for personal impacts as well as the need for the spiritual carer to receive support and advice.