The Spiritual Care Series includes eight two-hour sessions of training that are practical as well as highly relevant. In addition to the video content, the course includes a 200-page participant workbook and 140-page facilitator manual, as well as group discussions, practical exercises, individual activities and online assessments. The SCS is sector endorsed and suitable for a wide range of volunteers involved in Long-Term Care homes or any other seniors' housing, whether operated by the government, business or faith-based providers. The SCS by design is a flexible learning resource and suitable for large or small group facilitated settings.

Baptist Housing and HTN share a vision to promote and pursue excellence in the provision of pastoral and spiritual care for the benefit of older people, their significant others and their carers. For over 15 years, HTN has produced high quality evidence-based educational programs, which promote and respond to the physical, mental and spiritual needs of our ageing population. Baptist Housing has been providing housing and spiritual care to seniors in Canada since 1964 and is currently using the Spiritual Care Series to equip a number of volunteers to provide Spiritual Care to residents. The Spiritual Care Series provides volunteers, family, and friends of older people with a recognised standard for delivering pastoral and spiritual care to older people, particularly those living in Long-Term Care settings.

The project delivers a volunteer education and formation program, which ensures the participants:

  • Develop a broad understanding of the pastoral and spiritual needs of older people
  • Understand spirituality and its connection to quality care of older people
  • Receive the key components of practical knowledge required to undertake pastoral and spiritual care to seniors including those in Long-Term Care or receiving advanced home care


Volunteer Training    

Baptist Housing has partnered with Health Television Network (HTN) to bring the Spiritual Care Series Volunteer Training Course to Canada. The Spiritual Care Series (SCS) is a volunteer training course for volunteers, family and friends of older people to equip them with the practical knowledge and skills required to offer quality spiritual care. The series offers the opportunity to redefine what good pastoral care looks like within the context and banner of spiritual care. It features eight high quality video episodes featuring Professor John Swinton, a world-renowned expert in dementia and meaningful ageing, and the founder of the University of Aberdeen's Centre for Spirituality, Health and Disability. Professor John Swinton is also a registered nurse for people with learning disabilities and a registered mental health nurse.

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Episode Topics of the Spiritual Care Series

Episode 1: Understanding the Ageing Process

Episode 2: Spirituality in Ageing

Episode 3: Good Communication

Episode 4: The Power of Story Telling

Episode 5: Dementia

Episode 6: A New Home and a New Way of Life

Episode 7: Grief, Loss, Death and Dying

Episode 8:  Roles, Boundaries and Self-care