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Is Independent Living Right for Me?

For anyone, the idea of moving into housing called "Independent Living" may seem unnecessary. Why choose an independent living community when you already living on your own? The truth is that "independent living" actually creates greater opportunities for extended independence, a quality of life that is valuable to everyone, and particularly seniors.

5 Myths about Retirement Communites

Gillian Fullerton, one of the Team at Shannon Oaks Vancouver, weighs in to debunk the misconceptions.

1. "Retirement communities are "old folks homes," filled with sick and dying people.  You go there to die."

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Elders belong to a vulnerable sector of society and are often exposed to conditions in which their wellbeing is threatened due to dependent relationships on friends, family and service providers for money, food, or shelter. According to the Government of Canada's website, the most commonly recognized types of elder abuse include physical, psychological and financial, financial being the most prevalent.

Art Talk | Ian

This week, we continue our Artists in Bloom series featuring Ian, a Resident at Central Care Home who does watercolor and oil paintings.

Starting the Conversation with your Aging Parents

Most adult children have to deal with the situation of caring for aging parents at some point, and it is difficult to prepare for this event. Often,there seems to be only one option when it comes time to talk about the future: to tell your parents what they should do. While this is done with the best intentions, a significant source of stress and fear for aging parents is losing their independence, which is triggered when their children attempt to control the conversation.

Got Clutter?

How do you feel when you hear the word: downsize? Does it make you cringe? Is your stomach instantly turned into knots? Or do you get excited to organize and simplify your life?

10 Steps to Finding the Right Retirement Home

So, it's time to begin looking for a retirement home for yourself or a family member, but where do you start?

There are many details to consider and emotions to wade through when making this decision. To help get you going on this challenging and sometimes uncertain journey, here is a ten-step checklist you can refer to along the way.