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Canada, The New Gateway | Author Series

Mother, for me, exemplifies bringing the best of human nature to the building of Canada as a nation. She was a real caregiver. Born in the lovely county of Shropshire England, she left school for family duties at age thirteen. Then in her twenties, around 1910, she accompanied her widowed father and brother to immigrate to Canada; making a home farming in Saskatchewan. Later when her father remarried she took up nursing at Winnipeg General Hospital, graduating in 1916. Then she explored the west as far as she could, and worked as a nurse for a while in Banff.

Community Gardens

It's finally here! Warmer weather, longer days and a great excuse to spend time outside. It's also a time to start thinking about planting summer gardens. Why not try something new this year and join a community garden? Many of our Baptist Housing Communities feature thriving raised garden beds or container gardens that are available for our Residents to use. We reap the nutritional benefits of homegrown fresh produce all summer long, we also have the opportunity to connect and engage with our community. Who knows, the Baptist Housing community garden may even become the talk of the town!

Clone of Centenarians

Centenarian Club

At Baptist Housing Centenarians hold a special place in our heart. They inspire us to value each other and treat every day as a gift. We had the opportunity to interview Centenarians across several Baptist Housing residences. Our in-house Celebrities have shared their heroes and childhood memories. They may also have given us clues to a long life... 

Meet some of the Centenarians we have had the pleasure of getting to know:

Canada | Author Series

My Father and Mother, each came to Canada from different countries when they were about the same age. They landed in Canada, met each other, married and soon had three children; 2 girls and a boy. Dad and his brothers wanted to move to Vancouver Island. Mother agreed to a move along with Dad's brothers who seemed ready to go as well. So time goes by, and father began to get ready to move and Mother worked on getting the children ready to go. Everyone continued to count the time till they would move to a new city with new people.

7 Hydration Tips for Seniors

Warmer weather is approaching and it's a good time to start thinking about hydration. Our bodies are made up of about 60% water, which is a pretty big clue that liquids play a significant role in keeping us functioning well and feeling healthy.

Spring Newsletter | 2018

Our newsletter celebrates colourful events this Spring. Our communities have participated in a variety of activities showing great generosity and Team spirit.

Spring is a refreshing season - be sure to read our newsletter to find out everything that has been happening in our communities. Grandview Towers celebrated with dancing dragons and Teams across British Columbia wore pink to support an anti-bullying campaign - it's Spring at Baptist Housing and we have so much to be thankful for. Don't miss out on a moving poem by Elspeth at Hallmark!

Senior Buddy Program at Shannon Oaks

The students of Tecumseh Elementary in Vancouver's Victoria-Fraserview are part of sea-change taking place in BC's educational curriculum, but as far as the kids are concerned, today's field trip is just another welcome opportunity to visit some of the seniors at the Shannon Oaks retirement home.

"Dorothy is my Senior Buddy," says 11-year-old, Henry Situ. "She's a very good talker and has lots of really intriguing stories to tell."

The Linzer Torte Challenge

Our Team loves challenges, especially when it involves food. A few days ago Kurt came to visit his wife Verena at one of our communities in Kelowna. He had saved the last of her baking in his freezer and he had decided to share it with her that day. The Team quickly learned of the visit and they challenged Deb to bake a fresh sample. Kurt replied that it was impossible but he would get the recipe.

Unlock Your Snack Potential

During the month of March Dietitians of Canada celebrate Nutrition. This year the theme is to "Unlock the Potential of Food", we celebrate how food can fuel, prevent and heal our bodies. Without a doubt, food possesses powerful properties which can ultimately enhance our lives. In this article we offer ten tips for healthy snacking, which could be just the fuel you need to keep you going throughout the day. 

March 17 | We can all be Irish!

All Kelowna seniors are invited to a St. Patty celebration, with entertainment by Vic Ukrainetz with a delicious lunch.

Date: March 17 at 12:00PM

Menu: corned beef, roman salad, roasted potatoes, carrots and dessert.

Location: West Kelowna Seniors Activity Centre | 3661 Old Okanagan Highway

Purchase $10 tickets at Village at Smith Creek, Westside Health Network or call Kate 250-215-1500.