People are the heart of our ministry.

Let us introduce ourselves and share a little bit about our history and who we are. As one of our team member shares, there are good days and there are better days, all because of our residents and our team.

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This is Who We Are

Our Mission.

Compelled by the values of Jesus Christ, we provide exceptional holistic care as we assist seniors to experience life well in supportive communities.


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Our Vision

Our Vision:

  • Build a Strong and Engaged Team
  • Assist our Residents to Thrive 
  • Build Internal Ministry Health and Capacity
  • Embrace Future Ministry Opportunities
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Our Communities

Baptist Housing has 21 senior living communities.

They are located in Vancouver, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Victoria, Kelowna, White Rock, West Vancouver, Salmon Arm and Armstrong. Our communities offer Seniors Rental Housing, Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Long-Term Care.   

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Living Life to the Fullest

Never a dull moment.

From sunrise to sunset our team makes sure there is always something going on where residents, family and friends are always welcome. It's about taking the time to enjoy life and do the things that matter most. Check out all the smiles on our Instagram.

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Spiritual Care

We believe our Christian heritage and faith helps us compassionately meet the needs of those living in our communities. 

Our Chaplains are an integral part of community life and are available to address the spiritual needs of our residents and their family members. 

Maintenance and Dean

Our Team Values

As Servant Leaders, we focus on serving others in humility and grace, demonstrating the character and values of: 

  • Compassion - Showing care, love and sensitivity in consideration of the unique needs of fellow team members, residents, families and others;
  • Honesty - Exemplifying fairness, integrity and ethical behaviour; 
  • Respect - Treating people with dignity at all times to elevate personhood and person-directed wellness; 
  • Innovation - Exercising ingenuity in all endeavors and exemplifying creative courage; 
  • Stewardship - Recognizing God's ownership by using resources wisely to preserve the future viability and longevity of our mission; 
  • Teamwork - Working collaboratively to achieve our mission in a culture of safety, continuous learning and work-life balance. 
  • Fun - Reminding us that we must take our work seriously, but not ourselves! 


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Annual Report