Art Talk | Ian


This week, we continue our Artists in Bloom series featuring Ian, a Resident at Central Care Home who does watercolor and oil paintings.

Ian developed an interest in art at the age of 30, when an Occupational Therapist suggested it.  He continued doing his art from then on.  Ian has never had any formal training or taken any classes, and is very proud to say he is self taught.”

Ian came to live at Central Care Home in January 2010.  He resides in a lovely bright and sunny room that is very conducive to his personal “therapy” of art and music.  In his room, he has an oak drop-leaf table in front of the window which allows him an expansive view of the city. His first step is to do a pencil sketch of his picture, and then he uses either watercolor or oil paints to complete his works of art.

Recently one of his pieces was featured in Central Care Home’s “Chatterbox” newsletter. This newsletter is put out monthly by Central Care Home’s Residents Volunteer Auxillary, and serves to share with Residents in the building the overwhelming amount of talent that is hidden away in their 147 rooms. The newsletter often has submissions of writings and short remembrances, and recently thanks to Ian, it has now branched out quite successfully to art work.

Ian’s masterpiece, pictured here is entitled "The Restless Volcano.”

Ian stands as a flourishing example of another Artist in Bloom!

Header image © Sarah Klockars-Clauser - Attribution-ShareAlike