Baptist Housing on Boomer Life Tuesdays AM 650

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Baptist Housing joins the conversation on Boomer Life, hosted by Sterling Faux on AM 650, Tuesday nights 6pm - 7pm. On May 21st, Shawn Wilson, Administrator of Shannon Oaks Vancouver talks to Sterling about the myths of retirement living and the benefits of living in an all-inclusive community such as Shannon Oaks.

To listen to the show's broadcast visit Boomer Life Tuesday and scroll to the May 21st podcast to listen: link here.

Future shows including Baptist Housing will include:

  • Living Well with Sharon Ginter, Activities Coordinator for Shannon Oaks & Clarendon Court airing June 18
  • Spiritual Care with Karen Anderson, Chaplain for Shannon Oaks & Clarendon Court airing July 16
  • From a Residents Perspective with a guest Resident from a Baptist Housing community airing August 13

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