Being Thankful and Grateful

Thanksgiving 2023
Blog post

HappyThanksgiving Team!

On Monday we join millions of fellow Canadians as we celebrate Thanksgiving, a time to reflect, recall, and be grateful for what we are fortunate enough to enjoy in life. We typically focus on people we love or things we have, but I’d like to challenge us to consider the behaviors and attitudes of others we find affirming and encouraging. What kinds of attitudes do we appreciate in others? What behaviors put a smile on our faces or make us feel valued? Are there people whose attitudes and behaviors lift our spirits when we see them coming?

I personally enjoy it when those around me are kind and sensitive to me and to others. Fortunately, God has put people like that in my path and I have drawn strength and confidence from their gracious kindness… it’s like inhaling the clean fresh air on a morning walk. Their kindness causes me to be kind in return and makes me want to express kindness toward those I meet.

I have several friends who always seem to wear positive attitudes. Doesn't matter what happens, whether the battery in their car dies right before a meeting or their airline flight is canceled. They always find the silver lining in their experiences. I'm thankful for friends like that who model attitudes I respect and appreciate... it reminds me that our Creator said He will never leave or forsake us. And I'm certainly thankful for that!

As you celebrate this year, I encourage you to take some time to consider those attitudes and behaviors that you most enjoy in others. Thank the Lord for the people who exhibit those traits and for how their behaviors impact you personally.

May you have a joyous and meaningful Thanksgiving as you consider all for which you are grateful!

With much thankfulness,


Ray Saucy

Vice President Spiritual Care and Special Operations