Happiness is Handmade at the Heights

Blog post

Many changes are occurring due to COVID at Heights at Mt. View. Our Team must either wear a surgical gown or bring a change of clothes when starting their shift. Unfortunately, Team Members that decided to wear gowns found it challenging to store their work belongings such as gloves, extra masks and pens. Our Volunteer Coordinator Bridgitte reached out to two sewers on the volunteer Team to see if they would be up for the challenge of creating pouch pockets. Sheila and Sue  are so amazing that of course they said yes, 'anything to help' . Because of their dedication and hard work the thought became a reality. Sheila and Sue sewed 85 pouch pockets each to create a total of 170 handy apron pockets. our Team Members are just over the moon!

Through this experience our Team feels so supported and loved by our volunteers.We would like to send a shout out to our ladies and show the innovation that they have gifted us with. Thank you Sheila and Sue!

Bridgitte de Groot | Volunteer Coordinator | Baptist Housing, Victoria