Laverne and Shirley


Every afternoon at 3:30 Residents make their way to the garden at Sun Pointe Village to spend time with Laverne and Shirley - two red hens with attitude. These cherished pets are part of the Hen Therapy Program that was initiated at Village at Mill Creek. The program provides many benefits: it improves wellbeing, reduces depression and promotes outdoor activities. It also provides our Team with professional development opportunities and new skill sets. Laverne and Shirley are a welcome addition to the Team, they provide comfort, engagement and living care for our Residents, not to mention comic relief!

‘The Team finds that Residents and our Sun Pointe Village community come alive with Laverne and Shirley. Many Residents have enjoyed holding and interacting with them while others just enjoy watching the hen antics. This has encouraged more time spent out in the gardens with many Residents enjoying ladder ball and other outdoors sports.’ – Rachel Lewis | Sun Pointe Village Administrator