The Linzer Torte Challenge


Our Team loves challenges, especially when it involves food. A few days ago Kurt came to visit his wife Verena at one of our communities in Kelowna. He had saved the last of her baking in his freezer and he had decided to share it with her that day. The Team quickly learned of the visit and they challenged Deb to bake a fresh sample. Kurt replied that it was impossible but he would get the recipe. 

Later on Kurt brought Verena's treasured German cookbook to the Team. One of our Independent Residents helped Deb translate it and then Verena and Deb went off to bake. Kurt watched them cook saying “there is no way,” but then he tasted the dough and he commented “it may be possible.” The challenge ended with a big smile and a very proud Team. We expect many more delicious challenges this year, we will keep you posted!