Making Cards and Friends: Resident Volunteer at Evergreen Heights

Crafts at Evergreen
Blog post

Doing crafts can be an incredibly rewarding activity for seniors. Crafting can also be a form of stress relief as well as to involve your creative side and problem-solving abilities.

Our resident volunteer, Joan Whiteley, who has been living in Evergreen Heights for almost three years, has started the crafting group with the residents several months ago. She enjoys making cards and adjusts the difficulties based on the needs of each resident. The residents love card-making because it gives them a sense of community. They can create a gift that brings joy to their family and friends.

Like what Joan says in the video, "My motivation in this group is to make people happy. And I think we succeed - we see some good friendships come out of here."

Our residents are overjoyed with this experience. Thank you Joan for sharing your talents with us.

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