Mandala Moments


Our Residents at Grandview Towers have embraced an adult colouring program and we are encouraged by the results. I think of Irene, she participates in our Residents of Seniors Supportive Housing Program and she has been creating mandala drawings for over a year and a half. During her mid 50’s, she acquired Parkinson’s Disease and this has caused some limitations such as writing changes and loss of automatic movements. At first, when she started the adult colouring program, the colors were out of the lines and often unorganized. Through practice and perseverance she now colours within the lines and she expresses her creativity with beautiful patterns.

Another Resident by the name of Jan was quite shy when she moved to Grandview Towers. After joining several programs, like the adult colouring program, she’s blossomed. Presently, she is able to open up about herself, smile and laugh with her new friends. She has the most beautiful collection of mandala drawings. Jan loves using the tiny colored pencils especially the color blue. She says, it gives her comfort and she feels relaxed.

I hope these stories will inspire others as they have inspired our Team.

Arrabelle Udtujan | Activities and Wellness Coordinator | Grandview Towers - Baptist Housing