The Pride of Lady Liuwa | Author Series


The Pride of Lady Liuwa was lovingly authored and designed by our Residents at The Heights and facilitated by Margaret their Recreation Assistant. One of our Residents Mary, was moved by a National Geographic documentary about a lioness named Lady located in the Liuwa National Park in Zambia, Africa.

Lady was the last surviving lioness of her pride and lived alone for several years. After a bond developed between a European photo journalist and Lady, a conservation plan was put in place to rebuild her pride. This plan turned into a long and arduous journey fraught with many perils and setbacks. This moving story became the perfect narrative platform for our Residents in the Blanshard Writers Guild. They created a book based on these events but with their own creative slant.

This is a very special edition because the authors have made it available as an audio book which can be listened to online for free. For those interested in reading or purchasing a copy please follow this link. This book is a meaningful gift to be shared generationally with our families and now yours. Enjoy!!

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