Unlock Your Snack Potential


During the month of March Dietitians of Canada celebrate Nutrition. This year the theme is to “Unlock the Potential of Food”, we celebrate how food can fuel, prevent and heal our bodies. Without a doubt, food possesses powerful properties which can ultimately enhance our lives. In this article we offer ten tips for healthy snacking, which could be just the fuel you need to keep you going throughout the day. 

The key to snacking well starts with a little planning. In our busy lives, unexpected episodes of hunger can compromise energy levels. It is in moments like these, that poor planning often leads to snacks that are high in fat, calories and sugar. These foods provide a short burst of energy in the moment, but often leave you feeling the “crash” not long after. Consider your day to day snack needs - do you need something to take with you on the run? Nuts, dried fruit, roasted chickpeas or air-popped popcorn are great ideas to tote along in your bag, store in your car or even a desk drawer. If you have a bit more time, or cold storage options, you could pack: fruits, veggies, cheese cubes, and yogurt.

Always aim for a source of protein and fiber. The protein will anchor your energy and the fiber will help you feel full until your next meal. This protein and fiber pairing helps stabilize your blood sugars and leads to consistent energy throughout the day. Here are a few examples of a well-balanced snack and it’s not that hard to do!

  1. tuna on whole wheat crackers
  2. whole grain toast with avocado and sesame seeds
  3. almonds and dried apricots
  4. cheddar cheese and apple slices
  5. vegetable sticks (carrots, peppers, cucumbers) and hummus
  6. almond butter on banana slices
  7. greek yogurt topped with berries/fresh fruit
  8. whole grain toast with peanut butter
  9. whole grain cereal with milk
  10. hard-boiled egg and a piece of fruit

This Nutrition Month consider the incredible potential for wellness in something as simple as snacking. Spend even a small amount of time preparing a healthy snack and it will go a long way in improving long term health outcomes. Reap the benefits of healthy eating by making it a priority, because you are certainly worth it!

Jessica Stewart RD, BSc. | Baptist Housing Kelowna