Volunteer Spotlight | Darlene Lesperance


How did Darlene find Baptist Housing?

Darlene's husband was a Resident at Village at Smith Creek and after his passing Darlene kept driving back 'that was the best thing I have ever done'. Darlene celebrates 10 years with us this March!

How does volunteering impact Darlene?

Darlene spends a lot of her time at Smith Creek and she feels that the Residents do more for her than she does for them, they make her happy. She even has her own program titled “Darlene’s Dance Party”. She is involved in so many activities, it’s hard to keep track. Jokingly, she hopes to get a discount if she ever has to move into a retirement community. Village at Smith Creek is her home away from home.

What makes her so sweet?

Coffee Crisp!

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