Volunteer Spotlight | Jenn, Mackenzie,Sophia and Chloe


How did Jennifer and her girls find Baptist Housing?

Jennifer wanted to volunteer with her daughters to share their love of God by blessing others. She encourages empathy and a servant’s heart in her girls and the Residents enjoy their visit! Mackenzie is 13 years old, Sophia is 11 years old and Chloe is 9 years old. 

How does volunteering impact them?

They wanted to volunteer in the knitting program at Sun Pointe Village which they knew nothing about; however, the Residents were thrilled to be able to teach the young girls the basics on knitting and what can be achieved. This family is thrilled and loves the stories and knowledge they receive from the Residents. In this case, it’s a win-win situation with the Residents teaching new volunteers the special art of knitting.

What makes the girls so sweet?

Jenn enjoys chocolate and peanut butter bars, Mackenzie loves sour patch kids and aero bars, Sophia delights in sour candies and Chloe savours caramels.

E-mail us to learn about volunteer opportunities in Kelowna, you may get to meet some of our heroes!