Opportunities vary depending on which location you are interested in visiting. 

  • Exercise Assistant - Be present and participate in an exercise class which is led by Recreation Coordinator team member or online.
  • Garden Support - Assists with either specified gardening time, and/or general upkeep of Resident gardens.
  • Games - Volunteer will set up, clean up, assist and/or lead game with the goal of having all Residents participating and enjoying the activity. Some examples are - Bingo, Card Games, Board Games, Wii … and many more.
  • Tech Assistant - Assist Residents with computer challenges and / or educate residents in basic computer skills. This will be done through one-on-one training or leading a small group through computer skills
  • Bus Outing Companion - Accompany Residents and Bus Outing Leader on bus outings into the community, with the goal of engaging Residents in comfortable conversation and assisting Bus Outing Leader as needed.
  • Musical Performer - Perform engaging music for Residents. 
  • Library Assistant - Assist in managing and keeping in order library.  Support Residents with book rent of their choice.
  • Pet Therapy - Provide residents of Baptist Housing with the opportunity to spend time with Volunteers and their pets who have gone through a community approved Pet Therapy Program.
  • Manicurist - Assist Residents with hand massage and nail care (apply nail polish). No trimming of nails or cuticles involved.  Hand pampering only.
  • Tea Time and Snack Server - During Tea Times assist Residents in pouring coffee or tea, getting their snack, and helping them find a seat. Once Residents are seated feel free to mingle and connect with other Residents.
  • Arts and Crafts Assistant - Assist with craft preparation, help set up and put away craft supplies. Supporting Residents during the crafts with any help they may require.
  • One on One Visitor - Visiting Residents one on one for meaningful companionship through conversation, walking in the garden, ... etc.
  • Spiritual Care - Assist Chaplain Team in providing Spiritual Care support to Residents in Chapel Services, Hymn Singing, Scripture Reading, Praying.        
  • Holiday Decorator - Assist with seasonal or holiday decorating and activities.
  • Admin Support - Assist in a wide variety of duties such as filing, preparing mailings, adding online calendar activities for Residents and Family Members.