Spiritual Care Series Program Content


The Spiritual Care Series includes eight two-hour sessions of training that are practical as well as highly relevant. In addition to the video content, the course includes a 200-page participant workbook and 150-page facilitator manual, as well as group discussions, practical exercises, individual activities and online assessments. The SCS is sector endorsed and suitable for a wide range of volunteers involved in Long-Term Care homes or any other seniors' housing, whether operated by the government, business or faith-based providers. The SCS by design is a flexible learning resource and suitable for large or small group facilitated settings.

The project delivers a volunteer education and formation program, which ensures the participants:

  • Develop a broad understanding of the pastoral and spiritual needs of older people
  • Understand spirituality and its connection to quality care of older people
  • Receive the key components of practical knowledge required to undertake pastoral and spiritual care to seniors including those in Long-Term Care or receiving advanced home care


Episode Topics of the Spiritual Care Series

Episode 1: Understanding the Ageing Process

Episode 2: Spirituality in Ageing

Episode 3: Good Communication

Episode 4: The Power of Story Telling

Episode 5: Dementia

Episode 6: A New Home and a New Way of Life

Episode 7: Grief, Loss, Death and Dying

Episode 8:  Roles, Boundaries and Self-care


For more information, please visit Spiritual Care Series | Pathways to meaningful ageing