Spiritual Care Series Testimonies


After learning about the Spiritual Care Series, leadership within Fellowship Pacific felt that this resource provided content that would be beneficial to all their BC churches. They asked six churches to provide the training as part of a pilot program to evaluate its effectiveness in a local church context. The video below shares testimonies from pastors and those who participated in the Spiritual Care Series pilot program.


"I wish I'd done this sooner."  ― Participant with Fellowship Pacific

"Everybody should take this course."  ― Participant with Fellowship Pacific

"When I visit a seniors' home, I will never look at an older person in the same way again."   ― Irene, participant with a local BC church

"Just finished the session. What a vibrant group, fill of energy and heartfelt sharing."  ― Gwen, Facilitator with Baptist Housing

"Our Spiritual Care Series training that coached us about listening to seniors' story enabled me to assist them in telling their life stories.That training made all the differences!"  ― Volunteer with Baptist Housing

For more information, please visit Spiritual Care Series | Pathways to meaningful ageing