Caregiving During COVID-19

Family Caregivers of British Columbia

If you are the main caregiver to someone it is important to consider support options if you or your family member, partner, friend of neighbour needs to self-quarantine or becomes ill. Please reach out to your support network to plan ahead, which may include your family doctor and other physicians as well as home-care providers. Click on Top Tips to discover resources such as:

  • Information on making decisions using the health care system
  • How to advocate and find resources in the community
  • Timely tips and strategies on dealing with sticky and tricky caregiving situations including:
  • How to communicate in a positive way with family members and health care professionals
  • Setting strong boundaries with the person they are caring for and other family members


Top Tips for Caregivers

Teleconference support group

FB Family Care Givers Group

Social Visitation Essentials - Free Orientation

Want to visit a loved one in a care home or assisted living residence? We want you, the residents and workers to be safe.

How to Enroll

Connecting socially while keeping your distance

Judy Cornish and the Ontario Caregivers Organization share tips on how to connect with your loved one in creative ways during COVID-19.

  • Focus on communicating your love
  • Pass along a positive mood
  • Prepare topics beforehand
  • Use technology


Connection Tips 

How can we more successfully talk on the phone with someone who has dementia?